John Curulli
Director of Operations test
curulli at usc dot edu
ORCID id: 0000-0002-1330-528X

John has built on his practical use and experience in electron microscopy, pulling from an over 30-year career, that has focused on the materials and biological sciences. He has used a variety of techniques and instruments including an extensive working knowledge of electron & light microscopy, and x-ray spectroscopy & diffractometer. Before coming to USC, he has had appointments in both Material testing laboratories and the Biological engineering industry, where he refined his skills in electron microscopy.

Carolyn Marks
Senior Scientist - Life Sciences
markscar at usc dot edu

Carolyn has been working in the field of electron microscopy for over 20 years and has experience with a wide range of biological samples and soft materials. She is interested in correlative light and electron microscopy techniques (CLEM), tomography and 3D volume reconstructions. She trains on techniques, develops work flows and looks after electron microscopes and associated equipment.

Matthew Mecklenburg
Matthew.mecklenburg at usc dot edu
ORCID id: 0000-0003-0581-4153

Matthew has 7 years of TEM experience post graduation from UCLA (with a Ph. D. in physics). He has conducted experiments using in situ electron microscopy techniques involving electrical biasing, heating, cooling, micro-indentation, liquid cells, and electron beam induced current measurements. Matthew is a frequent collaborator with faculty members from the physics, chemistry, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and materials science departments.


Core Lab Financial Coordinator



Brian Feng
Research Assistant
polunfen at usc dot edu

Jeremy Intrator
Research Assistant
intrator at usc dot edu

Lucas Jordao
Research Assistant
jordao at usc dot edu

Kevin Keomanee-Dizon
Research Assistant
kdizon at usc dot edu

Thomas Orvis
Research Assistant
orvis at usc dot edu

Mythili Surendran
Research Assistant
msurendr at usc dot edu